Liquid Blocks

Liquid Blocks is a mod that decided to alter the state of many standard blocks you might want to place in bulk with the fluidity of pouring those same materials out of a bucket like you would with water or lava. It allows you to take the base materials from blocks like dirt and stone and sand, load them up in a bucket and then pour it all out for easy coverage of wherever you want it to flow and fill.

Liquid Blocks is a lot like being able to carry around a portable concrete mixer in Minecraft except with the added functionality of using materials that tend to be very time consuming to place in bulk. So if you need to fill a large area with dirt or stone or sand then this mod might be just what you need to speed up the process and make it that much quicker to jump in to what you actually want to build on top of that foundation.

The recipes are fairly straightforward and simply involve combining an existing bucket of water or lava with the appropriate block in order to liquify it. So if you want to craft liquid dirt or liquid sand then all you need to do is combine a bucket of water with a block of dirt or a block of sand and now you have pourable versions of those blocks.

And then pour the bucket out as if you would a bucket of water or lava and the material will flow similarly to either of them. What sets these liquid blocks apart from water or lava is that after a short period of time the liquid material will solidify into their respective blocks thus multiplying one block into several over a larger area at one time. So the liquid form will solidify after 200 ticks, which is the default setting and can be changed in the config file, and you will have usable blocks from just a single pour. You can obviously pour several buckets out and fill an entire area without a flow just like with water and lava but overall the natural flow will still create solid blocks in seconds.

The benefit of this mod is obviously to increase a limited supply of materials by liquifying the base and being able to expand its coverage without the need for repetitive, manual placement of the same blocks. If you wanted to make a framework of something then the Liquid Blocks mod will now allow you to pour out the desired block to fill in what you initially placed for structure. If you wanted to quickly add depth and more layers to a mountain range then you can pour out buckets of dirt and stone and sand that will naturally fill in and solidify without the need for tedious placement.

You can even pour out buckets of glowstone and light up very large areas of land with just a few spills of the bucket and a significantly lower amount of required materials. This mod could easily be used to multiply gathering and collecting of the blocks required to craft them in liquid form and that alone may be the #1 reason to install this mod.

Be careful not to step in any of the liquid blocks while they are still liquid as it will cause damage. You will be struck with Slowness II as well as Nausea, which will be good indicators to get out as quick as you can otherwise you will be solidified into the blocks as they dry! Otherwise the liquid form of block placing can now be yours by installing this mod and trying it out for yourself. Fill in a large flat stone surface or even use them to fill in large holes you might have dug and in just a few minutes you can go back to your daily projects without worrying about how long it will take to fill in that mine when you are done with it.

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