The Autmnity mod adds a new Autumn themed biome to Minecraft. You’ll notice right away whether you’ve entered either Maple Forest or Maple Forest Hills because all the trees have leaves that look like they’ve changed over for fall!

To make this new biome even more “fall feeling”, there are even piles of fallen leaves and a new animation that shows the leaves actively falling.

All of these new maple trees allows for a new wood block to use and craft a variety of maplewood blocks and items.

And there’s even a new snail mob added with this mod, which you can use their shells to make a chest piece!

If you right-click a maple tree with an axe, you have a chance of turning it into sappy maple wood.

This allows you to collect the sap with an empty glass bottle that you can then smelt into syrup!

And with you’re newly smelted syrup you can use that to make some delicious pancakes!

This mod does require an additional API found here.

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