Storage Drawers

The Storage Drawers mod is a visual storage system that varies in capacities. They range from holding 4 stacks per drawer up to 32 stacks per drawer with the ability to upgrade to larger storage without needing to destroy the drawer first or even empty its contents.


The drawers work as simply as right-clicking an item or stack of items onto an available slot. The item will instantly appear on the outside, showing you what you’ve just placed. It’s definitely a quick inventory and storage system to streamline how you maintain your items. You can also either click to retrieve one item at a time from the drawers or shift+click to take the whole stack.


You can put upgrades on the drawers to maximize their overall capacity. You have up to five upgrades to give allowing 13 times the original storage for maximum capacity. And there’s no need to do incremental upgrades. You won’t need to first do the iron upgrade in order to progress to the next step. If you have 4 emeralds to spare you can jump right to the maximum upgrade capacity.


And you can put an add-on to the drawers to indicate how full they are. This will help to further visualize what you’re storing and how much space you have left.


A handy addition to this mod is the compacting drawer. It will take items that can be compressed and give you the option to retrieve them in their compressed forms. If you have a mod installed that gives you ore nuggets, then you also  have the option for getting ingots, blocks, or the nugget form of the ore.


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  1. Can you lock the storage drawers? There was a tutorial that should you could but it doesn’t work.

    August 23, 2015