Teleportation Mod

The Teleportation Mod adds an easy way to teleport from one location to another but it also adds a few more neat perks. Five new tools have been added that each offer a different aspect of teleporting. It also has a new ore and blocks to build the new tools.


The mod adds 3 wands that have different specialties. The Warp Wand remembers one location when you right click and will teleport you to that location from wherever you are when you right click again. It makes for a great escape tool or a quick route back to your home. The Portal Teleportation Wand either creates a new portal or teleports you to the nearest one. You’ll be instantly warped to the nether when you use this wand. The Jump Wand acts as an instant teleporter to wherever you’re looking when you right click. It has a distance limitation but it’s incredibly useful.


The mod also gives you two new weapons that teleport any mobs you hit to a set destination. The Teleportation Sword and Bow work by shift clicking a location and then attacking the enemy to teleport them to that spot. This is definitely useful when you’re overrun by mobs or if you want to capture a certain mob to your desired location.


One other neat addition is the Teleportation Dimension. It’s full of Enderman, a new mob called Tp, Obsidian trees and mossy stone. The portal is built using Tp Blocks in a set formation and lighting it with diamond and flint.


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