Super Tools

The Super Tools mod adds a slew of new tools and armor made from materials already available in Minecraft. So now you can craft armor out of lapis, quartz, emerald and obsidian. And each one has varying levels of defense plus obsidian adds slowness II, resistance, and fire resistance buffs when worn.

There are increased abilities with each of the base tools as well. The super shovel will now dig a 3×3 hole with each use.

You can chop down entire trees with one swing of the super axe.

The super pickaxe will drill a 3×3 hole making mining significantly faster.

And the super hoe will make a 3×3 tilled section ready to farm.

These tools are a great upgrade on items already in game and mesh well with the vanilla aesthetic.

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  1. How do you craft them?

    February 26, 2021