The SAO UI Mod redesigns the various HUDs and settings menus of Minecraft. It allows you to customize what’s displayed on your screen to suit your needs. You can choose to set your health meters at the top and your inventory bar horizontally or vertically. You can even set certain or all items back to vanilla settings if desired.



The Settings menu comes up differently and more stylistically with options floating in front of you to choose from. There you can change the details of the UI and the stats for your character including your level and experience. You can still access the classic settings menus as well.




You can even set your player to permanent sprinting or sneaking if preferred.


You can also see all the available quests to accomplish within the game!


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SAO UI Mod, 3.98 / 5 (81 votes)


  1. Is logout option enabled?

    November 28, 2016
    • no but you can go to original exit and then you can

      January 6, 2017
  2. Love It ;]

    December 8, 2016
  3. Great

    January 22, 2017
  4. Great Mod!

    February 23, 2017
  5. Hey I love Sao, are tools added in this mod

    April 14, 2017
    • No there are no tools but there is another work in progress SAO mod that has mobs and tools (sorry I forgot the name).

      June 5, 2017
      • well could u tell us when the release date is for the one that has mobs and tools or could u just give us a little teaser and also i cant think of another name cause other people used them to text so i just put a random lol oh and great mod i love the way when u kill a mob it has the same effect as when u die in sao well not legit die unless u have a maniac trapping u in a game for a experiment lol but awesome mod and keep it up 🙂

        June 9, 2017