Magical Experience

The Magical Experience mod gives you a few new potions and tools to defend yourself from enemies. It adds two new ores: the Experience Ore and the Cobblestone Experience Ore. The first one will yield magic powder when you mine it giving you the ability to craft the rest of the tools and potions in the mod. The Cobblestone, however, will give you regular XP when you mine it but it will also spawn a silverfish so mine at your own risk.


You’ll need to craft the Bottle O’ Enchanting and the Large Experience Bottle first and with those you’ll be able to craft potions like the TNT and Cluster bottle. They both have explosive results when thrown:


The Thunder bottle will create lighting and the fire bottle a 3×3 area of fire, obviously able to spread like normal fire:


There are a few new tools that can be crafted with Experion, which is crafted by surrounding an iron ingot with Bottles O’ Enchanting. The pickaxe, axe, and shovel are all faster when using so it definitely gives you a boost in obtaining raw materials.


When you craft the Magical Stick you can craft the Thunder Staff and Fire Staff. They do the same as the Thunder and Fire Bottles except you can now conjure them with the staff instead of loading up your inventory with bottles.


And finally you can set a few traps with this mod. They act like land mines and activate once stepped on. You’ll get thunder, fire, water, lava, and explosion spells that do exactly as they say once activated.



Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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