The Forestry Mod gives you more options in terms of automatic farming. The farming is the key aspect of this mod although it does introduce tree breeding and bee keeping as well. You’ll need to pay attention to the environment you build your farms in however as that will determine how much water the farm will burn through. Desert areas will obviously require more watering than somewhere more humid like the jungle, which will also benefit from rain. This is all detailed in the farm’s GUI when you right-click it.


And you’ll need to also supply fertilizer which can be crafted with the new Apatite ore added to the game.


And lastly you’ll need a power source. There are three engines: Peat-fired, Biogas, and Clockwork. You can grow peat with one of these farms. Biogas engines will run off of milk or water with a redstone current. And Clockwork engines simply need to be wound up every so often. The Clockwork being the simplest engine to start a new farm. But you’ll also need to mine for copper and bronze as well as tin for gears.


Once you have your farm generator built with power, water and fertilizer added, you’ll need to construct farmable land surrounding it. This is what makes the whole thing worthwhile as you’ll need it for your farm to even produce anything. You’ll need to add stone bricks around the generator for it to recognize where it can start farming. And then adding dirt to the generator will start the process of building your farm.



Things will grow so long as you keep a supply of saplings stocked along with water, power and fertilizer when they run out. Plants are then harvested and stored and it will even collect any fruit from trees as well. Then the process continues with the already stocked saplings.


If you want to farm things other than trees you’ll need to add a circuit to the center of the generator and then simply change the surrounding sapling to the seed of your choice. This allows you to farm multiple items within the same generator. You’ll need a soldering iron and the corresponding electron tubes for conducting different farms.



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