Enhanced Books

The Enhanced Books mod offers a way to safely store your XP without having to worry about losing it when you die. It simply adds two new items, the empty bookshelf and XP Infused Book, but they have a drastic impact on gameplay if you value the XP you’ve painstakingly earned.


The bookshelf looks like a normal wood planks block, which is extremely handy to help conceal it for added security. The block contains 8 available slots for XP books.


The books themselves are simple to use and can be loaded or unloaded by right-clicking while in hand. This will bring up a GUI with a plus and minus button and the XP amount in the middle. All you need to do is subtract from the book how much you want for yourself or add to the book however much you want to keep stored. Then just place the book on the shelf and rest easy.


It would be wise to craft your enchanting room with these bookshelves as one  or more of your floorboards. Not only would your XP be safely concealed in the floor but it would be readily available in the place you’ll need it most.


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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