The Collectibles mod is a fun addition to your normal Minecraft experience by including very rare items that can be found by mining specific blocks. You may come across coins, gems, or books depending on where you look and you can then convert those items into collectible loot bags for another rare surprise! There are nine different types of coins that can be found by digging blocks with a shovel like dirt, sand, and gravel. Each coin ranges in different types of metal and stone and while it may seem like only collecting nine coins isn’t that difficult, they are extremely rare so it could take a long time to collect them all. But that’s the fun of this mod by coming across a coin every now and then as an added surprise to every day mining! Plus you’ll need all nine each time you want to craft a loot bag so collecting multiples is the goal.

The next tier of collectibles you’ll find are gem fragments and you’ll get these by mining stone blocks. There are nine of these gem fragments as well and that will play into crafting the loot bag later on. The rarity is just the same for finding these fragments as it is for finding the coins but now you’ll find them in the harder block types. You also won’t know which blocks even have these fragments or the coins like you normally would when you find an ore vein and that’s what makes finding one that much more exciting!

And then the last collectible to keep an eye out for are the rare books. There are nine of these as well and they can be found scattered across the world in various chests. The books are unfortunately not readable but they have fun titles like the Necronomicon or a Grimoire so that adds a bit of fun lore to the overall search and discovery of the next books. They, like the coins and gem fragments, are equally as rare to find but looting chests and coming across another book in the collection adds to the excitement of what you’ll be rewarded with when you can finally craft a collectible loot bag.

So once you’ve found either all nine gems, all nine coins, or all nine books, it’s time to put them all together in a crafting grid and you’ll be able to make a loot bag. These bags are one time use and when you right click to open them you’ll be rewarded with a rare and valuable item. These items can range from things like netherite ingots or totems or even end crystals! The rarity of these collectibles typically will reflect in how valuable the item you’ll receive from the loot bag actually is. Because the drop rarity for coins or gems and the discovery rarity of books in chests is 1 for every 1000 block or chest, it could take a significant amount of time to find them all. And on top of being rewarded with a valuable item from the loot bag you’ll also get 30xp just from opening it!

The great thing about this mod is the added fun of uncovering these rarities anywhere in your world. It makes for a fun adventure to collect them all and gives the player an extra incentive to go out and mine for more than just resources or necessity. You can make a challenging multiplayer game of it for who can collect the most first or simply use them as a form a currency based on how rare they are to find. The extra incentive being that collecting all the necessary gems or coins or books means you might be rewarded with items you might not have discovered until much later in the game or items you never would have gotten at all! So now you can add these collectibles to your daily adventures and set out to discover new areas in hopes of collecting them all!

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