Advanced Shulkerboxes

Advanced Shulkerboxes is a mod that lets you open them at any time while they are in your inventory. So now you can essentially hold portable and functional chest with 27 storage slots and only taking up at least one of your inventory slots. And with that in mind, you can then massively multiply your personal inventory by crafting several of these Advanced Shuklerboxes. So all you need to do once you have a shulker box in your inventory is right-click while holding it and it will open up a menu like any other chest. From there you can add or remove any items you want! This mod makes it much more convenient and hassle-free to carry more items at any given time without constantly needing to transfer between several chests or even ender chests. Now you can access the same amount of additional storage right from your own inventory without needing to even place the shulker box down anywhere in the first place.

But this mod does allow the ability to also place the box anywhere if you want to and still access the same items. You will have to hold shift while right clicking the spot you want to place it because if you just right click without sneaking first, the box will open up otherwise.

This mod is a fantastically simple way to massively maximize your every day carrying capacity without any unnecessary additional blocks needing to be crafted. It merely gives added abilities to the existing shulker boxes already available in the game and lets you take it and the containing items anywhere you want to go. And after you’ve place the box, you can pick it back up with all items still intact just by breaking it with a pickaxe and placing it back in your inventory! Being able to carry around, access, and store so many more items in what would otherwise just be one filled slot in your inventory can be a very lucrative advantage to your normal Minecraft gameplay. These can likely best be used for more productive mining operations to store the more common blocks you will be picking up like cobblestone, gravel, sand, and dirt. While you can always just drop these blocks or continue to make the same frequent trips back and forth to your many normal storage chests, with this mod you can instead carry a few shulker boxes and avoid those tedious trips by carrying the bulk of your collection with you!

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