Wood Converter

The Wood Converter is a saving grace for anyone looking for a certain type of wood only to come up short or not finding the right type of trees around. In short it allows you to cycle through all different wood types just by organizing 9 in a crafting table. The order goes as follows: Oak -> Spruce -> Birch -> Jungle -> Acacia -> Dark Oak -> Oak.


So essentially this mod allows you to get any sort of wood type you could be looking for simply by crafting it! And it works the same for any wood block, sapling or block of leaves. So whether it be slabs, stairs or leaves and saplings this mod can change what you need without needing to re-craft.


You can also revert things back to their previous state. So if you need slabs or stairs to turn back into planks or planks into logs you can do that too.


This mod could definitely help you in a pinch if the nearest jungle is several hundred blocks away or you haven’t even found one at all. It’s also helpful if you happen to be in a spawn that doesn’t even contain certain biomes at all.

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