DerpCats adds a bunch of new mobs to Minecraft all in the form of various cats! They range in form and are relatively harmless but still be sure to keep a wary eye out. The Chef Cat is a harmless one that will randomly drop cooked steak!

Or the Fart Cat that farts green sparkles.

Or Companion Cat that is tamable with catnip!

But there are some hostile cats like Grumpy Cat that may explode when killed. So try and be a good distance away.

Creeper Cat, which should be self-explanatory:

Or Mean Cat that just seems to have it out for you in particular.

And you can’t help but notice some of the strange ones like Hot Dog Cat:

Giraffe Cat:

Or the ever-present if you can find one, Giant Cat. But he will only spawn near the Old Cat Lady so take his presence with awe and wonder. Unless you decide to attack him then he will surely drop a massive amount of food!

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