Inventory Tweaks

Do you ever find yourself during a big mining session constantly needing to grab a new pick from your inventory every time one breaks? Well the Inventory Tweaks Mod is here to cut out a step and make your dig much more efficient.

If you’re ever frustrated in having to go back to your inventory just to swap in a new pickaxe this mod will help alleviate the stress. It’s simple in that it cuts out that need to grab a fresh tool and will automatically replace your spent tool with a new one in your inventory. All you need to remember is to keep stock of good tools in your pack.

It’s one of those little mods that you’d think should be standard. It’s especially useful for starting a large mine and you only have weak materials like wood and stone. Now you can keep the mining going for as long as you have fresh tools in your inventory. There are also settings in game to toggle the auto-refill on or off as well as auto-equipping new armor once it’s picked up or forged.

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