Bullseye adds some new, exciting arrows to Minecraft. Anything from painting your house to blowing it up, this mod has a series of arrows to unleash some serious power. Starting off with the paint arrows, you can paint any dye-able item a new color. So wool, glass, and carpets are all fair game to change to whatever color you want.

If you fancy a bit of fire and explosions then try out the fire and bomb arrows. So whether you want a simple fire or to simply obliterate something, then these are the ones for you.

If your arson habits got out of hand then you can always craft some extinguishing arrows to put those fires right out. It may not stop all the damage but it may stave off total destruction.

And if you ever wanted to wield the power of a god then try out the lightning arrow to instantly strike anything you hit with a single bolt of lightning.

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