Opposite Dimensions

Opposite Dimensions offers an interesting challenge to the normal Minecraft experience. It’s a world that lives up to its namesake in that most things are the opposite of what they previously were and you’ll notice that as soon as you pass through the mirror portal.

Trees are the first thing you’ll likely see as having trunks of leaves and leaves of wood. Quite bizarre but a hefty supply of wood is clearly at your disposal.

And there seems to be a lack of stone blocks here as all the caves and canyons are made completely of dirt.

And the next moment you’ll be tempted to fight the vast amount of enemy mobs lurking around in the daylight but in this world they aren’t hostile and even walk around carrying flowers.

No, the ones to watch out for are all the previously gentle animals roaming the landscape. Cows, pigs, horses and even chickens are now hostile and ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Can you survive this new and strange adventure?

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