The Waystones mod is a great and practical teleportation device that relies on physical totems or scrolls to warp to your destinations. The totems are inscribed with markings on all sides and act as spawn points that can be placed anywhere. You can use them as single points to warp to or chain them together and teleport between several!

As soon as you place the stone it will ask you to name it and then it becomes bound to your world. Naming is crucial here because that will be your indicator for the destination you set it to and will be added to an overall list of all available warp points. All you need to do next is add more stones to connect them and then you can then travel between them.

So when you place and name a new totem it will automatically be added to the list of available warp points. Then when you click on any of them you will see the list of every connected totem.

This mod makes fast travel super efficient and adds a bit of a mythical aspect with how they are designed. You can place them in temples or add them to shrines to give them a higher sense of importance and because of how clean the aesthetics are in their design, they really elevate teleportation in the game. And because you can add as many as you want and warp between them, they are much more practical than having just one bed as your sole respawn point. There are also some neat options that you can enable or disable depending on how you want the waystones to function. You can set an inventory button on the waystones that holds your inventory within it when you warp. This could be useful if you are traveling to certain areas that you’d like to use a different inventory than the one you had at the previous destination. Maybe you have a chest in a mine with specific tools and to free up space every time you travel there you can have the previous totem hold your other items and you can then equip those items or tools at the next destination.

You can also bind scrolls to your waystones. There are two scrolls to choose from: the bound scroll and the return scroll. A bound scroll can be directed to a single stone of your choosing. So you can keep this scroll with you if you want to have the ability to warp to that specific waystone even if there aren’t any waystones nearby. And the return scroll is set to always return the holder to the last activated waystone. The return scroll has its benefits just like the bound scroll but without the need to set a specific warp point. It could be a very handy item to have just to use for quick escapes in perilous situations.

This mod does require an additional API, Balm, that can be found here.

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