Water Strainer

The Water Strainer allows you to filter a body or stream of water for various items and fish that may be floating by. It’s a fantastic system to just set and forget then come back to yield your haul!

The Fisherman Strainer is only able to catch fish. It does require bait in order for it to work efficiently. And you can dig up worms with the garden trowel in dirt. Then just stack them in a bait pot and add to your strainer. You’ll have fish in no time!

If you want to collect non-living items then you’ll need a survivalist strainer. They come in many different varieties and thicknesses depending on the type of items you want. So the wider the netting the bigger the items you’ll collect, like stone, clay, and wood.

And the tighter the net will give you more coarse items like dirt, gravel, sand, and gold nuggets.

The strainers are relatively cheap to craft as well so they are perfect for collecting items in a survival situation and can help you forage as you go off to find other materials for your home.

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