Candylands is a mod that adds a new, sugary dimension that you can get to by crafting a warped pop and eating it. Once you do, you’ll be transported to a brightly colored world made entirely of sweets!

There are 12 biomes and 16 new mobs to encounter plus a bunch of structures and goodies to explore. There are candy creepers and gingerbread men in their candy homes across the delicious plains.

Lollypop jungles and candycorn peaks can be found alongside cookie’s dream, which is riddled with ice cream and donuts and chocolate oceans.

You may come across a chocolate tower guarded by cookie witches.

And the cotton candy clouds even hide floating cupcake islands and marshmallow pirate ships. Be wary of the marshmallow pirates because if you kill enough of them they’ll summon their very strong boss.

And if you’re full of all the sweet delights then you simply need to eat a return pop to get home.

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Candylands, 3.35 / 5 (84 votes)


  1. cool i like this also the gingerman looks good\

    February 5, 2022