Apple Trees Revived

Apple Trees Revived is a remake of the original Apple Trees mod that is no longer being developed. It’s a fun way to spruce up your world with apples actively growing and ripening until they need to be plucked! The base sapling can be crafted with a standard oak sapling and an apple.

You’ll gradually see it start to grow but you can also use bonemeal to make the process faster. Small apple sprouts will pepper the bottom leaves.

And eventually big, red apples will show up ready to pick and enjoy!

You can also enable the recipes for two additional apple saplings: the golden apple and the emerald apple. The golden apple sapling is simply a red apple sapling surrounded by gold ingots and grows the same way.

The emerald apple sapling is an incredibly costly recipe requiring blocks of emerald surrounding a golden apple sapling.

The benefit of the emerald apple is that once you eat one it will grant you haste and luck buffs for a period of time so it may be worth the price tag.

This mod also allows you to use the wood from these trees to make apple tree blocks an items!

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