Oh The Biomes You’ll Go

Oh The Biomes You’ll Go is a fantastic and massive biome generating mod that adds more than 80 new biomes to the overworld, nether, and end dimensions! You’ll see a ton of a new forest biomes filled with exotic trees and foods like the Black Forest inspired by the forest of its namesake in Germany.

Or the seasonal forest that contains trees of a variety of seasonal states.

Or even the Skyrise Forest full of beautiful red trees atop a mountain range!

There’s a brightly colored Enchanted forest filled with giant flowers.

And you’ll likely encounter several new frozen biomes filled with giant ice bergs or towering alps!

The end also contains an eerily dark but glowing Nightshade forest and purple peaks.

And the nether has its share of frozen caverns and a weeping mire.

All of these new biomes boil down to the absolutely massive amount of new blocks and items you’ll now have access to in all variety of colors and styles!

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