Utility Worlds

The Utility Worlds mod is a neat portal mod that brings two new dimensions to your world simply by crafting some new portals. You have a mining portal and a void portal, each with vastly different properties.


The Mining portal is a convenient way to have your mines separate from your normal world. It’s essentially a superflat dimension within any other world you’ve already established as home. It’s mostly stone layers all the way down to a flat sheet of 5-layer thick bedrock. And you’ll obviously find many ores within your new world otherwise why else would it be called a mining world?


The best part about this world is that it’s made especially for mining. You won’t encounter any caves, lava or water and it’s always sunny. This is the perfect addition to your game if you’d rather keep your mining at a distance while still being easily accessible. And you can always return to your home world by using the return portal that automatically spawns.


The Void Portal is an incredibly different world. It’s simply a 9×9 platform in the middle of absolute emptiness, literally in the middle of nowhere. There are many applications you can utilize this world for, however, as it’s completely separated from your regular world as well as any and all mobs. There’s nothing to mine here but you can build off of this single platform. Use it to hold your secret items. Build easily accessible grinders. The sky is the limit and beyond.


There is also a neat perk about these portals. You can break them and take them with you. When placed again the portal remains intact. So you won’t need to keep track of where you land in your new world. Just simply take the portal with you wherever you want to set up shop.


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Utility Worlds, 3.35 / 5 (138 votes)


  1. It has a few bugs, but overall it’s really nice 😀

    Couldn’t craft return portal after the original exploded.
    R-click (chest, door opening) and item moving in inventory gets messed up after teleporting, could be fixed with shift r-click (sometimes twice).

    June 4, 2015
    • I can see how that can be avioded.

      March 6, 2017