The Midnight

The Midnight is an eternally dark dimension only illuminated by the bioluminescent flora and crystals found throughout the world. The only way to enter is through a randomly appearing Rift that only shows up at night. You can either enter of your own free will or you have a chance of getting pulled in by one of the hostile Rifters.

It’s important to always be ready for any danger with this world especially if you get pulled in. The mobs are hostile and ready to attack.

But there are non-hostile mobs you can find like the Nightstag with glowing antlers.

Aside from any danger, it is a very fascinating world to experience. There are a variety of fungal-based forests and lakes that provide a whole host of new blocks to build with.

The crystals can be found scattered throughout and vary in size and color.

And the caves are absolutely massive. They almost rival the Nether in size and have even more blocks to discover.

In order to leave the Midnight you’ll need to find a Rift again and that may be a bit of a problem since they seem to come and go at random.

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