Moar Boats

Moar Boats enhances your transportation of items via boat in a tracked system. Basically you can put chests and motors (furnaces) on these boats to have them travel between points delivering items as they make their rounds.

To give the boat storage just place a chest in it and to make it move just add a furnace with fuel. It will also need a guidance system with the boat helm add-on and a local map. The furnace also acts as an anchor with a button to enable and disable via the GUI. Best to do this before adding fuel as the boat will go automatically.

You may also want to set up some fence posts where the boat can be tethered by adding a rope.

The map at the helm is the way the boat knows where to go. Just right click the helm and click waypoints on the map you added. You can remove your last waypoint by right-clicking as well. The boat will continue in your defined patterns until you either anchor it or remove points.

And if you need extra storage you can tether a boat to another boat with the rope!

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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