Inventory Power

Inventory Power gives you the ability to repair your tools without needing an anvil. It essentially turns your inventory into a portable anvil that automatically repairs tools wherever you are!

If your tool starts to take on more than 10% damage and provided you have the necessary items in your inventory, then your tools or armor will start repairing themselves! Be aware that this will consume those items to repair your tools so if you don’t want to lose diamonds or ingots, best to store the ones you want to hold on to.

This mod makes tough situations on long journeys slightly more survivable by allowing your items to repair on the go. If you are nowhere near an anvil but have the materials in hand for repairs, then this mod has you covered. You’ll also notice that with the display of a tool’s damage in the bottom left, the block type will also show up at the top when aiming.

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Inventory Power, 3.90 / 5 (41 votes)