Tiny Progressions

Tiny Progressions is a very extensive mod that adds a ton of new items and useful tools aimed at helping the player at beginning stages of the game but there are plenty of advanced items as well. If you’re having issues finding food sources, this mod has some practical healing items like bandages and medkits that will take care of varying degrees damage.

This mod also adds several new armor options like wood, stone and bone but there are more advanced options like the ones made from lapis ingots that allows underwater breathing.

Or a set made from dragon scales that gives strength and fire resistance!

There are a few new farming items like the watering can that can take the place of bonemeal for crops and saplings.

And growth crystals that come in 3 tiers and can provide water up to a 9×9 radius in the highest tier!

There’s even 1 block cobblestone generators that comes in 5 tiers depending on how much you want to generate at once. All you need to do is right-click the generator whenever you need cobblestone but they can also be connected to chests and hoppers for automatic extraction.

And this only scratches the surface of what this mod brings. There are so many more blocks to discover and the ability to compress certain items up to 8 levels for maximum storage. Head over to the forum link for more info or simply download the mod below and explore on your own!

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