Swamp Expansion

The Swamp Expansion mod adds a new biome to Minecraft called the Marsh. It provides many great new blocks and features to make swamps much more swampy in the game. For starters, once you find yourself in the Marsh, it may be quite difficult to see much around you since the tall grass is very tall. This makes things a bit difficult for night travels since you can’t even see if any enemies are around!

You may also come across a new mob called the Slabfish. It’s an upright walking slab-shaped creature that also swims horizontally when in the bogs.

And the bogs are where you get some interesting new items. You can craft mud bricks out of mud balls and make some neat mud brick blocks.

The cattails play a role in block making as well. You can combine these into cattail blocks, slabs and stairs as well!

And you may see rice growing underwater. Harvest the rice to make some great sushi and squid ink risotto.

There’s a new tree as well, the willow. You can make use of the willow wood for blocks, fences, signs, and even a willow boat!

This mod does require an additional API found here.

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