WildNature is a massive overhaul of world generation in Minecraft. Be sure to set it in the world type generation when creating a new world and get ready for all new sights to behold. This mod adds over 80 new unique biomes with incredible peaks and valleys.

There are a ton of new trees that open up the options for wooden blocks, slabs, and stairs.

The mountain ranges contain an equal amount of new stone blocks and ores for new tools. Plus they can be so tall you may not even see the peaks in sky.

There are even massive ice forests and caves as well.

You’ll see a bunch of new animals too like camels, ducks, and bison!

Even the sun and moon have been given an overhaul.

There’s a host of new things to discover that it’s almost like a brand new Minecraft experience like never before. Check the forum for more information or open up your horizons and explore for yourself!

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