Carbonado Ore

Carbonado is a new ore that is 50% stronger than Diamond. It’s rarer too and can only be mined from bedrock with a diamond pickaxe. Not all bedrock blocks contain the ore but the ones that do have a slight texture difference. The ore will strip from the bedrock but the bedrock itself will stay in place.

It can be crafted into armor and tools the same way other ores can, except these are noticeably more durable and jet black. And the pickaxe, axe, and shovel are all 50% faster than diamond tools as well.

There’s another neat addition to this mod and that’s Reinforced Glass. It’s not exactly blast-proof but it is stronger than normal glass. But the process of crafting it or rather obtaining materials is what makes it interesting. You have to place a Carbonado Block on the ground and then drop an anvil from a height of 12 blocks or greater onto it. This will create Carbonado shards that can then be smelted down and crafted into reinforced glass! And the glass blocks out a significant portion of sunlight as well.

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  1. Trying to download this MOD for my son. We have followed everything but it comes up the the error message that its not the right version. That we need version 1.11 or higher. I thought that’s what was downloading. I’ve tried a few different things, but its all resulting the same. wont run. I even watched the How to video on youtube for help. Not working.
    Anyone know how to fix this???

    March 6, 2018
    • Are you sure your version of Minecraft is 1.11.2? This should run with no issues on 1.11.2 as that’s what I was using to write this review.

      March 8, 2018