Styled Blocks

This mod bridges the gap in stairs and slabs in Minecraft. Vanilla Minecraft seems to consistently exclude making stairs and slabs for the other stone and glass blocks but this mod fixes that problem. Now you can make your stairs out of any stone you like!

You’ll also be able to craft a wider variety of slabs including glass slabs to make intricate, see-through stair sets.

This mod also provides various carvings and textures for stone and sandstone blocks. Now you can make more aesthetically pleasing walls from a much broader variety of blocks to choose from.

In order to get these textures and styles you’ll need to apply various style cards to blocks. Each different card will provide a different style when crafting. There are 4 style cards that when combined with different types of blocks will produce the card kits for blocks, slabs, and stairs.

And once you have the card kits just right-click that on a chest to release the style lists.

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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