The Aquarium mod is in early development but it holds a lot of promise for a new and unique ocean biome/dimension that can be accessed when locating totems. The lost totem will get you there but takes your items from your inventory and the found totem will get you there without sacrificing any precious goods.

Once in the Aquarium dimension you’ll notice how strange the waters are. There are sections of tropical and vibrant water amidst vast portions of grey water with colorless blocks, mushrooms and lurkers. You may even see purple flying jellyfish!

You can travel across both waters with no ill effects but the sky immediately changes to overcast every time you pass over the murky water. You’ll likely also come across a variety of structures like rafts with plenty of storage space.

And underwater ruins with cryptic notes of an enemy boss coming soon.

There’s also a new Atlas ore that can be used to craft some pretty strong tools and armor that easily compare or surpass to Netherite.

There’s plenty more in the works with this mod and the developer seems eager for community input to help build this world up so check the forum link to help!

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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