The Repurpose mod adds a bunch of new improvements and upgrades to standard items and blocks in the game. The mod adds several swift blades for significantly faster swinging speed. While regular diamond swords have a 1.6 attack speed, the diamond swift blade has a 14 attack speed! This makes for a much shorter refresh time between attacks.

There is also a bed compass added with this mod that gives you the precise location of your last bed. Simply fall asleep in a bed and it will link to the compass.

Then right-click the bed compass and it will display where your bed is in relation to where you’re standing.

This mod also adds a bag of holding that doubles your normal inventory storage. By holding it in your off hand, you can right-click the air to open the bag and place blocks or items.

The neat aspect to this mod is that once you have items in the bag, you can right-click any other block to place the currently selected block in the bag!

And this mod adds several new blocks like dirt walls, slabs and stairs. These can all start growing grass on them over time.

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