Voyage is a fantastic world generation mod that uses all vanilla blocks and blends new biomes seamlessly adding new depths to discover. You’ll notice the terrain has gotten much more hilly with expansive desert mountains and mixed desert hills. Now you’ll have a mix of desert biomes blended together.

And there’s also rock fields and rocky peaks to expand on stone generation above ground.

There’s even a biome called mount that adds peaks so high they pass the clouds.

But descending from hills you’ll find more biomes dedicated to more aquatic themes. Bogs will generate alongside swamps to give more of a grassy field in that type of area.

And for more tropical locales, this mod brings lukewarm and warm lagoons and changes the water to a more teal hue.

All in all this mod adds 14 new biomes to make your Minecraft experience that much more complete.

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Voyage, 4 / 5 (24 votes)