Blockling Collection

Blockling Collection is a revival of the outdated Blocklings mod and includes over 700 different ones to choose from! They can be crafted from essentially every block in the game including blocks from other mods.

They are pretty simple to craft and they eat apples to both tame and heal. Simply feed your blockling a few apples and soon it’ll start following you and attacking your enemies.

They can also be hitched via rope and post if you need them to stay put for long periods of time. Otherwise they will follow you until their final days, which can get out of hand if you have several following you already.

There are some neat features with this mod to improve the blocklings with the addition of Bluestone. This is a new ore added with this mod that you can combine blocks of it with a blockling to make blockguards that are stronger and can be ridden. They also now eat iron instead of apples.

This mod also has a few additional secrets and features that you’ll have to explore to discover!

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  1. how do you place them?

    August 12, 2021