Adventure Tools

Adventure Tools gives the player a few helpful items as you explore the caves in your world. The flashlight is a key tool for illuminating the path in front of you. It’ll save you some torches and help in a pinch if you don’t even have any on hand.

The Ender Lantern will highlight ores in a a certain radius. This radius can be changed in the config to allow for a greater distance to see ores. This is a great way to get a sense of where you’re digging and if it’s worthwhile rather than wasting time and coming up dry.

The Escape Rope will get you out of any tight situation. All you need to do is aim it up to the surface, click and hold then release. You’ll be instantly teleported to the surface!

And there’s a couple of dyeable hats that add a bit of protection as well as style. Just put the hat in a crafting grid with any dye and the band will change.

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  1. The Escape Rope isn’t working for some reason.

    August 2, 2021