Dude! Where’s my Horse?

This mod adds an ocarina that you can use to track various entities in Minecraft. The best use of it is to track your own horses so that you can call them to you in an instant.

All you have to do is hold shift and right-click on the horse you want to track and you’ll see a notification show up to let you know you’ve successfully tracked it. You can deselect the horse by shift+right-clicking it again. And then it’s as simple as right-clicking the ocarina anywhere in your world and the horse will travel immediately to you!

The great thing about this ocarina is you can track multiple entities with just the one flute. All you need to do is shift+right-click any eligible entity like pigs:

Or even skeleton horses!

And to change which one you want called to you just shift+right-click anywhere in the air and it’ll change to the next available one.

You can also hover over the ocarina to see how many entities you have currently in your tracking list and which one you are tracking at that moment.

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  1. Love this website! Hope you keep posting. This is always my go-to place for mods!!!
    anyway the mod was lit very helpful.

    September 10, 2019