Worley’s Caves

Worley’s Caves aims to vastly expand the cave generation in your Minecraft world. It’s a complete overhaul of the standard cave system leading to much larger, seemingly unending, caves. Gone are the days of constant digging to find a good cave or mine shaft. With this mod caves are much more fun to explore!

There are much wider expanses now that break off into several more tunnels to explore. There’s now a lot more space for mobs to creep up on you too!

And the caves even extend out into the water for massive underwater systems and canyons.

There’s also vast waterfalls, lavafalls, and all around deep holes that make cave diving that much more treacherous.

And overall this mod adds a significant amount of lava at the lowest points so be wary!

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Worley’s Caves, 4.04 / 5 (25 votes)