Lightest Lamps

Lightest Lamps adds a variety of new and unique light sources to brighten up the night in your world. It adds new lamp sources that range in brightness from Alpha (16 blocks)  to Omega (30 blocks). This means you can customize the light to your preference of how bright you need an area to be.

And there are similar blocks to these that also function under water. Now the deepest depths will be clear as day. Plus, depending on how close the blocks are to the surface of the water, you can easily spot the blocks from above. They can easily act as beacons for vast, dark, water adventures.

This mod also adds glowing glass and glowing pillars so you can make light sources built right into your structures using more than simply glowstone.

And speaking of glowstone, this mod includes five new colors of glowstone to choose from!

If you need light deep in the jungle or if you have tree-based builds, there’s a new lamp fruit that meshes well with an outdoor aesthetic. They hang from leaf and regular blocks like pieces of fruit.

And there’s even a lamp to keep the mobs away. The alchemal lamp will prevent enemies from passing through a small radius around it.

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Lightest Lamps, 3.95 / 5 (21 votes)


  1. No more creepers in my house! thank u!

    January 15, 2021