Gems! Gems everywhere! This is a mod that adds a ton of new gems to the game and they can all be crafted into new tools, armor, and even colored glass! There are now sixteen new gem ores, including the ones that already exist but can now be used in new crafting recipes, that can be found all over your Minecraft world and each have a variety of uses, abilities and durability.


You will now be able to craft armor from Emeralds but you will also be able to utilize new gems like rubies, amethyst, sapphires, and onyx, amongst many, many others. Each new armor set will also range in durability and damage levels plus you will now have a much wider variety of color options to choose from at the very least. All the armor sets are crafted the same as any other standard armor piece so that keeps the recipes easy and consistent.


All of the tools and weapons are relatively similar to what you are used to in terms of crafting but they all now have different specs and durability. Below is a chart to help differentiate between each gem and what they may be worth to you. So not only will you have aesthetic options but you can even craft new tools based on strength and health.


This mod gives a whole new arsenal of weaponry and tools to choose from including new battleaxes and swords. If you ever wanted to give yourself a wider option of melee weaponry to choose from then this mod has you covered. With the vast amount of gems to craft from, you can tailor your tools for any situation that comes your way. These weapons come with much higher attack damage and depending on the gems you use you can make weapons that last much longer than standard swords. They even have unique designs and really drive in the color of the gems used. So again, you can make yourself a specific themed gem armory and all of your pieces will match just like with any other armor and tools already in the game. Or if you prefer to mix it up then the bold color options are an added perk to stand out however you see fit.


With color in mind, this mod gives you the ability to craft colored glass from the gems you find. If you’d like to craft colored glass the process is fairly simple. First you need to smelt the gem into dust by placing them in a furnace and starting the fire up. This will create one piece of dust from one gem.


After you smelt the gems down to dust you can then combine that dust with two blocks of sand in a crafting grid. One dust piece and two sand blocks will yield two unrefined blocks of glass. You can use these blocks if you want to but they aren’t quite to the stained glass level yet and there is one more step to get to that point.


Take your unrefined glass blocks back to the furnace and smelt them again. This will give you that stained glass block and you can now use these to furnish any builds you want to add them to. The process for making these stained glass blocks may seem a bit lengthy but it does immerse the player in a more accurate glass making process. Much like in real life, glass panes start from melting down sand and colored items in a high heat furnace so this mod does its best to add that ability to Minecraft. It gives you a bit more of a sense of working for that specific piece of stained glass than the standard way of making colored glass in the game without this mod. Plus the glass you can make with these new gems will have a different sheen and overall look to differentiate from other glass pieces.


If you’ve ever wanted more precious gems from Minecraft then this mod more than has you covered. This would also be a fantastic resource for currency systems in multiplayer servers. You can set values based on the rarity of the new gems and make a brand new economy across your world.

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  1. This mod is awesome, but I’m having an issue in multiplayer where Phoenixite armor crashes the game when you try to wear it, and then the person wearing it can not rejoin as the server apparently can not render the armor…. how do I fix this?

    February 7, 2017
  2. Are you able to find the gems naturally? Like, not in creative mode?

    November 14, 2020
  3. what is the best of them all?

    May 14, 2021
    • The best one is ruby and sapphire. This is clearly the best gem in this mod because they have the most durability and the most enchantability. Efficiency doesn’t matter as much because it would run out faster. Damage also doesn’t matter as much because you can just use an existing ore axe or sword to deal much more damage. Depth doesn’t matter at ALL. It will matter more if you just like the looks of it. (This is just my opinion)

      Hopefully, this helps!

      August 3, 2021