Gems! Gems everywhere! This mod adds a ton of new gems to the game that can all be crafted into new tools, armor, and even colored glass!


You’ll now be able to craft armor from Emeralds but you’ll also be able to utilize new gems like rubies, amethyst, sapphires, and onyx, amongst many, many others.


Tools are all relatively similar to what you’re used to in terms of crafting but they all have different specs and durabilities. Below is a chart to help differentiate between each gem and what they may be worth to you. So not only will you have aesthetic options but you can even craft based on strength and health.



If you’d like to craft colored glass from these gems, just smelt the gem into dust, combine it with sand, and then smelt that into glass.




If you’ve ever wanted more precious gems from Minecraft then this mod more than has you covered. This would also be a fantastic resource for currency systems in multiplayer servers.

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  1. This mod is awesome, but I’m having an issue in multiplayer where Phoenixite armor crashes the game when you try to wear it, and then the person wearing it can not rejoin as the server apparently can not render the armor…. how do I fix this?

    February 7, 2017
  2. Are you able to find the gems naturally? Like, not in creative mode?

    November 14, 2020
  3. what is the best of them all?

    May 14, 2021