The Beginning

The Beginning is a mod that adds a new dimension based around bedrock. It adds a way to craft bedrock blocks in order to construct a portal. The blocks can be crafted by first making hardened obsidian and then surrounding that with blocks of stone.

Then once a bedrock portal has been made in the same way an obsidian portal would be made, a young igniter will be needed to open the portal.

Then simply walk in and you’ll be transported to The Beginning. This new world is filled with “young” variants of stone and wood and ores. The colors are very striking with vast blue and purple blocks covering the land.

Bodies of water are an eerie red and you’ll likely come across these young ores when mining.

These ores drop ingots instead of ore blocks so that’s incredibly convenient and saves a smelting step!

And this mod also adds new bedrock tools and armor that can be crafted by smithing Netherite tools or armor pieces with bedrock ingots.

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  1. For some odd reason, I can’t craft any of the recipes for hardened obsidian.

    December 1, 2021