Rope Bridge Mod

The Rope Bridge Mod is a great and simple new way to cross long chasms with ease. It’s particularly useful early in the game or if you just want to travel across vast canyons with minimal effort. Plus the bridges are very aesthetically pleasing and a great way to avoid enemies below you.


All you need is a grappling hook assembled with three different parts.


Then it’s just a matter of aiming and firing wherever you need it placed.




Now you can simply walk to the other side, provided you also don’t fall off the side of the bridge. You do also need to keep a steady supply of slabs and string handy in order for the bridge to build itself. And you can seemingly build a bridge as long as you want provided you have the necessary materials in your inventory and you can see the location of where you want to shoot.

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  1. Will the textures of the bridge use/match the texture packs I’m using? Probably a silly question 😀

    December 2, 2015
    • Probably not, because the bridge doesn’t actually use slabs to build the bridge, it just takes them from the game for a more realistic mod (I think i’m right on this… i’m not too sure)

      December 5, 2015
    • Thanks for trying out my mod! Textures now go with the texture pack selected as of version 1.2!

      December 22, 2015
  2. I love this! It helps me cross mountains I had in my old worlds with homemade bridges :O I will never have to build another bridge again!

    April 7, 2017
  3. Smart way to get across ravines and huge mountains!! I like it!!

    November 26, 2017