Colds: Lurker

This mod adds a tiny, 1-block tall mob that looks like a shorter Enderman. He’s a dangerous beast in a tiny, suspiciously adorable, frame with a haunting call. He’s also fast and packs a hefty hit.

He’ll spawn at night like most mobs but what separates him from the rest is the ability to clone when attacked. When harmed he will instantly duplicate himself with the same health so be quick with your attacks.

Despite naturally spawning at night, they can survive the daylight as well. Once the sun hits he will turn into his stone form. In this state he will hit harder but fortunately won’t be able to clone.

These little monsters will also spawn in the Nether as well as the End and because of that they have the ability to teleport.

Lurkers also have some slight changes in appearance as well as drops depending on what biome they spawn in. The changes are subtle for the most part but a neat addition for biome specific items.

They all also have a chance of dropping a new Ender Sword that has the ability to teleport using Ender Pearls even if you don’t have any in your inventory!

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Colds: Lurker, 4.23 / 5 (26 votes)