Change Completely: To The Depths

This mod adds a ton of new and exciting features to make underground exploration much more in depth. Its goal is to make the underground world of Minecraft just as, if not more, interesting as the overworld. You’ll come across all sorts of new and challenging terrains and dungeons all right under the grass and stone above. It adds new elements to discover like mossy and icy caves with new blocks to mine and build with.

You’ll also likely come across many new types of mobs that reflect the new underground biomes they roam around in. The icy and spiked caves alone are enough to inflict damage if you’re not careful but there are also standard mobs like trolls and mossy skeleton variants of normal skeletons. These mob upgrades make for a more dynamic experience when discovering new areas and show that the mobs are also affected by the changes in scenery. And be wary of creeper caves that are pretty self explanatory of what you’ll discover once you find one! You may find creeper eggs and the best way to defend yourself against what comes out is to avoid them altogether or only break them with silk touch. But to make discovering creeper caves and creeper temples enticing is the added loot block that gives you a surprise when you break it!

You may find yourself some new mushroom varieties with the blue mushroom caves that contain bioluminescent blue mushrooms. You can harvest these mushrooms like you can any others and also make a delicious great blue soup from them!

And along with the blue mushroom caves, you’ll also see mushroom trees growing and thriving in their own biomes as well! You might even find a new mob called a minishroom that can be tamed with blue lichen!

Volcanic caves add a new dynamic by increasing the danger from simply finding lava underground. They are full of blackstone and magma blocks that you’d normally have to roam through the Nether to find but now you can mine for them if you happen to come across one of these volcanic wonders.

Even the bees have made new hives underground covering much more area than they would above. It’ll be like you’ve walked into a giant honeycomb built right into a mineshaft. The bees seem to have more productivity underground than they normally would above so you’ll be able to collect more from them when you have this mod installed.

And dungeons get some upgrades with new designs and rotted planks that crumble when you walk on them. This will make for a bit of a treacherous discovery so be careful and watch where the planks might be placed so as not to fall to far or into any danger. But with the added rotten planks, that means you can also use them in your own builds to make traps or simply more interesting rooms and design choices. These dungeons are bigger and have much more dynamic structure with more rooms and chests to loot. That does also mean you might run into more danger so be prepared more than you normally would when raided them!

There’s also a few new mobs to encounter like the redfish that can spawn from redstone ore and the Endereyer that’s simply an ender eye come to life! Creeper meat is also a new and fully edible form a food that creepers will drop.

There are many new items to find and use as well like dynamite to make mining much easier and more explosive and chemical torches that you can throw and they’ll light up the area they hit! And there’s so much more to discover and explore with this mod it’s like a brand new game!

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  1. I’m The_librarian234, you haven’t asked me for permission to publish the mod on this site. I demand explanations as there are advertisements on this site and therefore in this way you use my work for your own gain.

    August 19, 2021
    • Apologies for any misunderstanding. The links at the bottom of the review go directly to your page as well as the download link. We only review the best mods and aim to drive players to the mod developers and creators from our reviews. I saw your mod and wanted to review and support it here so that others can see it and try it themselves. There is certainly no ill-will intended.

      August 19, 2021
  2. I apologize for or for thinking badly of you. The problem is that there may be sites stealing mods and I’d rather have all the details. Still nice review.

    August 20, 2021
    • Totally understandable and we strive to set ourselves apart from those other sites. Great mod btw, keep it up!

      August 21, 2021
      • I have updated the mod. I wait for the review 😉

        January 31, 2022
        • Thanks for the update! We will update the review soon!

          February 2, 2022
  3. Awesome mod. I made a video on my Youtube channel regarding this and I have given Credits in the vid and description. Keep it up bro.

    September 20, 2021