XL Food Mod

The XL Food Mod gives the player a great variety of food combinations to be your very own Minecraft culinary expert. It adds in some new crops that act as some key ingredients for new recipes. Corn, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce to name a few.

This mod also adds dough so you can make new types of bread and tortillas. Simply craft the raw dough and pop it in a furnace to make cooked dough.

Then use that cooked dough to make the sandwich of your Minecraft dreams. Some recipes call for the dough to be made into buns or tortillas first but you can make burgers and hot dogs and grilled cheese as well as tacos and burritos!

And what meal would be complete without soup and salad? This mod gives you the materials to combine your veggies into a refreshing salad or you can make a hearty soup. And with the new ingredients added you can make a bunch of new cakes for dessert!

Then wash it all down with a refreshing drink. There are several new drinks added that have some added buffs like health regeneration or speed. Be careful with the beer though as it’ll make you sluggish.

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