Conjuring is a fantastic and incredibly in depth mod meant to capture and harness the essences of mobs and create your own spawners that you can control. To start you’ll need the enchiridion, which is a book that details everything you can do with this mod.

And after that you’ll need a soulfire forge, which allows you to craft all the necessary elements and tools you’ll need for any conjuring to take place.

The enchiridion does more than simply explain how to use this mod as it has a very helpful overlay feature to show you exactly where to place each piece for the two rituals you can perform. The first ritual to learn is the Ritual of Extraction. This is needed in order to extract an entity’s soul to be used in a spawner or as this mod calls it, a conjurer. In the ritual of extraction section of the book you’ll see an option to visualize the placement of each block. This will let you see where each block will go and if you have room for them. Then you’ll need 4 blackstone pedestals and a soul funnel in the middle of them.

You’ll need to place 4 items that the sacrificial entity drops the most on the pedestals. I’m using a creeper for an example so I placed gunpowder on each pedestal. The last step is placing soul sand and a conjuring focus piece in the funnel.

Before you can make the sacrifice you’ll need to link the pedestals to the funnel with the conjuring scepter. Simply shift+right-click a pedestal then do the same on the funnel and do this for all 4 pedestals. You’ll know it worked when you start seeing particles flowing around each piece.

Then you’ll need to lure the sacrifice onto the funnel. This can be tricky so you might need to build a trap directly above the funnel for it to drop down on.

Then right-click the funnel with the scepter and watch the extraction commence!

If the extraction worked then the conjuring focus will have a blue piece in the center of it and will say the soul captured below it when you hover over it.

Now you can craft a conjurer, which is your controllable spawner.

When right-click the conjurer with the scepter it’ll bring up a menu that you can place the conjuring focus in. It’ll go in the center slot and immediately start spawning that entity.

You can control the conjurer with a lever or any redstone source to activate and deactivate it.

There are 4 slots around that center slot that can be loaded with charms. The charms are explained more in the enchiridion. You can add up to 8 of each charm in the slots and this will drastically increase the amount and strength of the entities you can conjure.

The other ritual you can perform is similar but allows you to create soul alloy tools out of netherite tools. The setup is essentially the same except instead of a funnel in the middle of 4 pedestals, you’ll need the soul weaver. And you’ll need to link them like you did the funnel before.

Then you’ll need 3 soul alloys and 1 soul slice, crafted with the soulfire forge, and place them on the pedestals.

Then add the netherite tool to the soul weaver and you’ll need to add conjuration essence to the bottom portion of the weaver.

Right-click with the scepter and watch the conjuration begin!

And then you’ll end up with a very powerful soul alloy tool or weapon!

There are many more aspects to this mod that are covered within the enchiridion but this should get you started. Note that you’ll find best results performing these rituals in soul sand valleys. There is also a very helpful how-to video found here that more easily explains these steps. This mod does also require an additional API found here.

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  1. why cant i use enderman spawners, mods very good aside from the actual summoning mobs 🙁

    June 28, 2022
  2. Can you sacrafice Iron Golems?

    August 10, 2022
    • If so, it would be great for Iron generators!

      August 10, 2022