Structures’ Compass

The Structures’ Compass is a simple but very helpful tool that functions similarly to the Nature’s Compass and having both are incredibly handy resources. This compass can locate hard to find structures in your world as well as displaying the coordinates and direction to go while holding it. The compass is a step above simply using the /locate command for that reason and for the easy to use GUI when you shift+right-click any block with the compass in hand.

The compass has a list of all available structures to scroll through and find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also type specific structures in the search bar and this includes structures that have been added by other mods too. You can filter out specific sources (mods) by typing ‘@’ + [mod] and you can also filter out what dimension you’re searching in by putting a ‘#’ before the dimension.

Double-click the structure from the list or click it and select “Start Searching” and if it can be found you’ll see an overlay with coordinates for where to go. The overlay is only up while holding the compass and it will also actively point while traveling toward the structure. For example, doing a search for the Mansion provides the coordinates and both y and z distances as well as the total distance will adjust as you get closer to or further from the destination.

This compass makes the search for these rare structures immensely more user friendly if you’d rather not find them spontaneously or need to find them quickly.

And it works just as well in other dimensions like the End or the Nether or any dimensions by other mods!

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  1. This mod is so useful! It takes me AGES to find most structures like that (except villages) and this mod will really help me find them quicker! Thank you, Samarium_150!

    June 24, 2021
  2. What is the crafting recipe for it on survival?

    July 17, 2021
    • The first picture has the recipe in the upper right corner.

      July 20, 2021
  3. What are the resources needed to build this compass? I see the diagram in the top right, but I can’t tell what I need besides cut stone and a compass. Is that a seedling in the corners? If so, what kind?

    August 30, 2021