Genetic Animals

Genetic Animals is a more realistic imagining of how the animals in Minecraft should behave and look like in regards to the biome they spawn in. It also requires the player to be more responsible over their farms in order for the animals to thrive. Right away you’ll notice the new designs of each animal with new patterns and colors and a wide variety of sizes. Pigs have a more realistic design and are typically much darker in color. You can even breed animals from different biomes to create new variations!

Chickens are very noticeably different and look much more natural. This mod also adds a post specifically for chicken coops. It looks like a standard fence post but it can be placed horizontally and the chickens will naturally perch on them.

You may also notice the varying sizes of horns on animals that have them. These horns will actually grown and change as their respective animals grow.

Animals will now sleep when the sun goes down and they seem to fit more realistically as they do. They also sleep in much the same way as their real life counterparts.

This mod does add some additional real-life environmental factors when it comes to feeding. Animals will naturally feed on tall grass and can subsequently cause sparse grass to form. This type of grass will actually turn back into normal grass quicker than before unless pigs are around.

But if you’d like to keep the grass looking nice, you can take any sharp object to a bail of hay and turn it into unbound hay, which the animals will eat instead of the grass!

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  1. Those animals are so cute! They look so realistic! 😀

    May 12, 2021
  2. I love this website…..
    All the mods are nice….
    I suggest you guys to install
    1. Guardacraft
    2. Lucky Block
    3. Biomes of plenty
    And many more…..
    These all are I have installed in mc 1.16.5

    June 7, 2021