The Mighty Architect

The Mighty Architect is a fully loaded schematic mod to make structures quickly with just a few steps. This can be a great mod to start out a build and add to it if you need some inspiration or simply want some easy structures assembled quickly. The mod has a blueprint mode accessed by pressing G. Here you can select from a variety of themes you’d like to style the structures as such as medieval.

You then right click and drag a grid of the size you want build.

By holding ALT you can cycle through different customizations like changing the amount of floors, the height of those floors and even altering the overall size.

And you can combine multiple grids together. Create varying shapes and levels to add definition to the structure.

And once you’re happy with these steps hit G again and F to finish the blueprint stage. The mod will then generate a preview of the structure that can then also be customized if you want to change the blocks used. You can adjust the whole thing or individual floors.

If you’re happy with these results then you can hit P to print the structure into your world!

There are other themes with this mod like more modern styled structures if that fits with your aesthetic.

And you can always add more to existing structures by hitting G again and going through the blueprint steps again.

This mod has a bit of a learning curve so be sure to check the forum page and watch the videos posted by the mod owner.

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