Rotatable Blocks

Rotatable Blocks is a simple mod that has great decorative application. If you are a skilled designer or just feel like the standard placement of blocks can be a little drab, then the Rotatable Blocks mod could be just the thing to spice up your living room.

The mod gives you just a wrench. But with that wrench you can change the direction of almost every block in the game. Some of the more complicated blocks can’t be rotated, but most can.


Now what makes this mod really useful is its application in a survival setting. Say you’re building away and your crosshairs slip or you’re facing the wrong direction for block placement. Well instead of having to break the block again to replace it, you can just use the rotating wrench to change it’s direction without hassle. This is especially pertinent to blocks that would change from their placed state when broken or are time consuming to break.

This mod is perfect for adding a little unique flair to your world. There’s already so much you can do with Minecraft but the ability to rotate certain bricks to be a little more real can drastically boost your architecture. You can even cycle through stairs to create more realistic couches!

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