Alternate Terrain Generator

The Alternate Terrain Generator gives you a new option for generating worlds in Minecraft. It allows for a much more dramatic and realistic world with rolling fields and massive mountains. It gives you a lot more than a normal generation will give without causing significant lag.


Mountains are much steeper and quite daunting. You’ll also come across many mountain-born rivers and streams. This allows for some neat variation in mountainous terrain as well as alternate water sources.


Down the hills you may come across fields of shrubland. It’s a new look for Minecraft with bushes instead of trees.


Villages seem more dynamic with this mod as well. They can generate on the side of mountains now and provide some new inspiration for expanding amongst the hills.


And you’ll also see swampy coastlines instead of just sand!


One other neat, but extremely rare, feature of this mod is volcanoes. These will generate at the highest peaks in your world and the lava goes all the way down to bedrock.



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  1. I’ll give you that this is a cool mod. It looks great. Does something that really needed to be added to MC. But… Mevans, the sole creator of the Lord of the Rings Mod for Minecraft, has added smoothed terrain generation in his dimention of Middle Earth, which is if anything, more incredible.

    October 30, 2015